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The Compumate transforms the Atari 2600 console into a home computer with 2K of memory and the ability to use a cassette recorder for data storage. The Compumate includes a BASIC programming language, music composer and drawing program.  

The Compumate connects to the console via the cartridge socket, two cables run from the cartridge to both the joystick ports and another goes to the keyboard. The keyboard fits perfectly on top of the original versions of the VCS/2600 and the cable is long enough for the keyboard to be placed in front of a 2600 Jr console.

The side of the keyboard has sockets for "ear" and "mic", originally this was to connect to a cassette recorder. Now it can also be connected to another audio device, such as a MP3 player or PC sound card to load and save program.

The Compumate must remain connected to the joystick ports, so it is not possible to use a joystick while it is connected. There is not a cartridge passthrough, there is a slot on the back of the keyboard but this is so the Compumate cartridge can be neatly stored with the keyboard.

CompuMate Basic Programs

2K isn't a limitation, it's a challenge!
BASIC Programme Examples for Atari 2600 - by Graham J Percy
This document includes two programs for the cartridge "Atari Basic" and three programs for the CompuMate. All of these can now be downloaded below as MP3s that you can load via the "Ear" socket on the CompuMate.

Programs converted to MP3:

Number Guess (800 KB) - by Graham J Percy
Square Root  (787 KB) - by Graham J Percy
Quest-A (498 KB) - by Graham J Percy

Rock Paper Scissors (484 KB) - by Amstari

CompuMate Software

There is only two known program cassettes for the CompuMate. Both are extremely rare.

There is currently only three known copies of this cassette.

This cassette was only discovered in recently (May 2011). There is two known copies.

Neither of these is available as MP3s and there is no screenshots.


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