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nine pin ninja
I made this controller to play emulators and games on an Android OS phone using a real controller instead of on-screen controls. It's a ZeeMote JS1 put inside of an old Playstation controller.

- Amstari
A new Basic game "Rock Paper Scissors" has been added to the CompuMate page.

There is now two photos of the PCB inside the CompuMate cartridge.

A new CompuMate cassette was recently discovered called "SongMate"!
NoRecess has a great article with information about some CPC users in 2011.
I've provided some information about me too.

Check it out at:
The Meggy Jr has arrived and been assembled. Information and a video will be added to the Meggy Jr section soon.

It's a very impressive hand held. It is amazing what can be done using the 8x8 LED screen if you are a creative programmer.

- Amstari
The CompuMate page is starting to take shape.

Thanks to Graham J Percy for giving me permission to include his "Atari Basic & CompuMate" FAQ on the page. It includes three CompuMate programs, two of which can be downloaded as MP3s to load directly to the CompuMate via the "ear" socket. The third program "Quest-A" will be added to the page this week.

New features coming soon will include:
- Tutorial about loading and saving connecting the CompuMate to a PC or other devices.
- Some of my own programs. I've got a few ideas such as Tic-Tac-Toe, Mastermind and a RPG (multi-load).
- Sections to allow people to show off their Graphics and Music created on the CompuMate.

Here is some photos of a electronics kit for a pong game. I made this to practice my soldering before the Meggy Jr arrives. I will take some better photos if anyone is interested.

The kit is a Velleman Classic TV Game MK121 PAL.

- Amstari